Biomass Scenario in India

Current state of Biomass Power in India


CERC has announced on May 14, 2014, new guidelines for biomass power plants which come as a welcome relief to the sector. You can read about it here (

What is the solution?

Captive Biomass Energy Plantations i.e. growing your own biomass (such as fast growing trees / grasses etc.) for cost-effective feedstock security.

Biomass Species characteristics:

Benefits of Dedicated Energy Crop plantations:

Main Criteria for selecting a particular Energy Crop will heavily depend on the local environment, land available and end-use. Below listed are criteria we follow to set-up a dedicated plantation

Ability to select right species of biomass plant for establishment of a plantation based on:

  1. Growth characteristics: height and weight of biomass/fruit produced as a function of time.
  2. Thermal characteristics (calorific value, Sugar content, Cellulose content, etc.)
  3. Chemical Analysis (Fixed Carbon, Sulphur, Ash content, etc.)
  4. Suitability of the plant species to the environmental factors, coppicing (regenerative) characteristics.
  5. Soil Type, Weather Pattern, Water Availability, Labor cost
  6. Ability to replicate such biomass plantations easily and economically across all geographic locations. Not all species are amenable for easy replication and hence this aspect assumes great importance in the predictability criteria.
  7. Ability to produce millions of plant saplings in a commercially viable method.
  8. Ability to mechanize planting and harvesting using commercial framing equipment.
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