Our Proposition

Our Proposition for the Land Owner / Government

Land owner to provide one continuous parcel of unused land of at least 300 acres for developing energy plantations.

Land to be given on long lease for a period ranging between 15-30 years depending on the biomass sale model.

All investments for plantation to be made by us.

Turnkey set-up & establishment of Biomass plantations incl. land development, creation of infrastructure such as drip irrigation systems, wells / reservoirs, planting etc.

Turnkey set-up and establishment of biomass power plant.

Complete and professional Operation and Maintenance of both the Plantation as well as Power Plant to be taken care of by us.

In cases where the land owner is also the investor, points 4, 5, 6 are applicable i.e. turnkey set-up and establishment of biomass plantation as well as power plant.

The Land Owner / Government's Role

Handover land for setting up the plantations on long lease
All other responsibilities to be taken care of by us
Enjoy recurring revenue in the form of lease rentals and productively use vacant and fallow land.

Benefits of this model for the Land Owner / Government

Unutilized land will be used productively Land quality and fertility to increase over the long run
Employment generation at the grassroots and village level – can reverse the migration of people to cities by providing them opportunities close to their homes
Decentralized power generation leading to better grid efficiencies
High Plant Load Factor (PLF) of 85% assists the government to overcome its severe problem of power shortage esp. during peak hours – unlike wind and solar which are irregular and unreliable.
Generation of 100% Clean, Green, Renewable Energy – leaving a better world for our future generations
Most secure fully integrated power plant model in India. Its like having your own "green" coal mine. This will avoid the problems being faced by Thermal Power Projects in India currently as supply of fuel will never run out.
Biomass parks can be created in clusters of 2000 acres generating employment & revenues on previously unused lands.
Green power will help meet RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) targets of the state.
Land owners can contribute to the environment while making money at the same time - a win-win for all.

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